Online CE for New Jersey


On August 19, 2020 at their monthly meeting, the New Jersey State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians voted to allow virtual / online education for all 12 CE credits for NJ Opticians!

This is a TEMPORARY rule modification that covers the 2020/2021 licensure period only, due to the federal and state limitations on large group meetings and the safety of the general public (and our friends!).

We at Quantum Optical are grateful for this exception, and wanted to let you know about it as soon as possible. We also understand this is new to all of you, so below are some FAQs and answers. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PAGE!

If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to contact Michael Della Pesca at 973-728-4372 or email to



  • Do I still need to get all 12 credits by 12/31/2021?
    YES! The exception is to the delivery format (live vs. online). You still need to meet the requirements for the number of hours and the specific breakdown of credit category required by the New Jersey State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians.
  • How many credits do we need in each category?

    • For the 2020/2021 licensure period, all NJ Opticians need:

      6 Hours Spectacle (of which 1 may be Management).
      3 Hours Contact Lens;
      2 Hours NJ Rules and Regulations;
      1 Hour Blood Borne Pathogens;

  • Where can I obtain virtual or online credits?
    No matter how you obtain your credits (live or online) to qualify for licensure renewal, the courses must be reviewed and approved by the New Jersey State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians, and offered through a NJ-approved CE provider, like Quantum Optical.
  • Will I be able to get ALL 12 NJ CE credits through Quantum Optical online?
    YES, you can get all 12 of your NJ CE credits online through us! We are an established NJ-approved CE provider, and have received NJ CE approval for 50+ Spectacle, Contact Lens and Management courses on our online menu, so you will have plenty to choose from. The 2-hour NJ Rules and Regulations course and 1-hour Blood Borne Pathogens course will be posted very soon!



  • Do I already have a user account in your system if I attended your Live conferences?
    Many of you have attended our Live events and have registered online, however that is a separate database. Unless you have taken online CE with us in the past for ABO/NCLE or other states, you will need to CREATE A USER ACCOUNT.
  • On the second page of the signup form you have different account options like Standard, Gold, Platinum. Which one should I select as a NJ Optician?
    If you don’t have any credits and are just starting your CE, we recommend selecting the Gold Package (currently 6 Credits for $69.00). Once you complete the payment and are logged in, look for "Purchase Credits" in the "OVERVIEW" section, and purchase another Gold Package. This will give you 12 credits on account, which is enough to fulfill your NJ CE requirements, for only $138.00!
  • Do I need use all the credits I purchased with the Gold package at once?
    Credits purchased through the Gold package do not expire and can be completed anytime at your convenience. They do not need to be taken all at once. Please be aware the NJ renewal period for Opticians ends 12/31/2021.



  • How do I access the CE courses once I have created my account?
    After logging in, click the "TAKE A COURSE" link in the "OVERVIEW" section or select the ONLINE CREDITS tab on top to access our Online Course Menu.
  • How do I know if the course is NJ CE approved?
    Under each course title are state abbreviations in green text. If you see NJ listed, the course has been approved by the New Jersey State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians. Highlight or hover your mouse over NJ to see the number of credit hours and course category.
  • Is there a way to only show NJ Approved CE Courses?
    YES! Above the course menu, there is a "LICENSE / CERTIFICATION" drop down box. Select "New Jersey State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers (NJ)" and the menu will reload to show only NJ approved courses. NJ CE courses may also be approved by other state boards or governing bodies
  • What if I am also certified by ABO/NCLE or licensed in NY, FL, etc? Can I get certificates for those boards also?
    YES! As long as the course is approved by NJ AND those boards, or those boards accept ABO/NCLE as proof of CE. For example, many NJ approved CE courses are also approved by NY, FL and/or ABO/NCLE. If you see those boards in green text under the course title, along with NJ, you will be able to get certificates for those boards as well, upon successful completion of the test.
  • How do I get started taking NJ Online CE Credits?
    Once you find a course title that you are interested in talking, and have verified that it is NJ approved:
    • 1. Click the "TAKE THIS COURSE" button, then click the "TAKE THIS COURSE" button again in the window that opens.
    • 2. TIP! Click the "TAKE THIS TEST" button so that you can view / print the test and have it available while you're viewing the course material.
    • 3. Then, click the "OPEN COURSE" button OR your browser's back button to go to Slide 1 and begin reading the course material.
  • How do I submit the test for score?
    After reading the course material, entering all your answers into the online test, and rating the course, click the "SUBMIT FOR SCORE" button. At this point you will be asked for payment. If you purchased the Gold package(s), select "Use My Account Credits" and the credit amount will be deducted from your available credit balance. Credits are deducted from your account regardless of pass or fail.
  • When do I get my NJ Online CE certificate?
    After selecting a payment option (in the previous step), you will receive your grade. You must score 80% or better to receive a NJ CE Certificate. Below your grade will be a list of available CE certificates which you can obtain immediately.

    IMPORTANT - Click "Receive NJ Certificate." After a few seconds you will see "NJ Sent! Click To Download." Downloading it from this page is just an option. At this point, a copy of your certificate has been sent to your email address as a PDF attachment, which you can save to your device. Additionally, a copy of your CE course activity has been logged into our database, and posted in your "TEST HISTORY"

    If you need a CE certificate for another board or governing body, please click the "Receive my _____ Certificate" for the appropriate board from this page. Once you have selected all your CE certificates, you can log out, or take another course.
  • I forgot to request a certificate, how can I request one now?
    Please visit your "TEST HISTORY" page, find the course in the list, and click the "View Certificates" or "Request Certificates" button. After taking a course, it may take a few minutes for the database to update before you can request a missing certificate.