I Need a Prescription for Contacts?

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What are your initial thoughts when you hear a patient ask why they need a contact lens prescription to purchase contacts? Instead of being dismayed and frustrated, we should seek to educate the public. Contact lenses are regulated by the FDA as a class II or class III medical device. Lenses that are not fit properly can be incredibly uncomfortable and can also damage the cornea, exacerbating ocular surface diseases. The truth is, that if patients do not update their contact lens prescription, they may damage their eyes, or at very least they will not be able to see as well as they should. Through this course, the reader will review some of the legislative mandates that guide our ability to sell lenses to patients. We will also evaluate many of the characteristics of the contact lens prescription, and why each one is crucial. Lastly, the course will survey some of the more common adverse effects of wearing contact lenses – notorious conditions highlighting why patients must adhere to prescriber directives.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to: understand diverse reasons why patients need a prescription to purchase contact lenses; recognize key elements within contact lens legislation; survey the components of the contact lens prescription; describe many of the common adverse conditions related to the misuse of contact lenses.