CE As Close as Your PC

Quantum Optical brings you the ultimate in convenient education. Take a course online from home, from the office, even from the beach! Grading is instantaneous and your CE certificate is delivered immediately - direct to your email box.

ABO and NCLE credits are even
reported automatically.

Instant Grading, Instant Certificates

Get your CE credits on your schedule - from anywhere.


Live Seminars and Event Planning

Professional meeting coordination. Our "Conference in a Box" program insures that your meeting will be flawless: from venue contracts, announcements, even event materials and credits delivered direct to your hands, accreditation never a worry.

Your event done right, every time.

Corporate Services

As a CE administrator, Quantum Optical is perfectly positioned to help you bring the power of CE to your customers. We will create a custom program that delivers your content on a technologically advanced and easy-to-maintain platform.

Put CE to work for your company.

Find out how Quantum is delivering corporate CE benefits to the optical industry.


Staff Training

Bring a seasoned training professional to your location, or utilize our online training system. Your staff will realize greater potential, bringing greater efficiency, better profits, and an improved work environment to your business.

Experience the advantages of well-trained personnel.

In-house or online staff training - maximize your practice potential.


The Best in Staff Training

The new Quantum Pinnacle Program is intensive, hands-on training for optical staff.

Skills, Knowledge, Growth.

A well-trained staff is your most valuable asset!